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Is this you?

Plenty of collaboration tools, but can’t see the wood for the trees

Troupa tracks the key elements of any project, not the minutiae, so you get a clear view of status.

This facilitates improved decision making, leading to better outcomes.

Uncertain of what projects are actually being worked on​​

Troupa supports project and programme level governance, including centralising and managing “the list” of active and pending projects.​

This means that your valuable resources are focussed on the the activities that matter.

Spreadsheets strewn across the network​​

Troupa helps you store all pertinent project information in one place in a consistent and easy-to-navigate structure.​

This gives your project managers clear visibility and control, leading to fewer nasty surprises.

A painful monthly reporting process​​

Troupa generates status reports based on the project information stored within it. All you do is add some commentary where appropriate.​

This eliminates the time normally spent collating data for the reports.

A mix of experienced and less experienced project managers​​

Troupa provides a guiding structure for less experienced project managers, helping them implement appropriate disciplines to control their projects. 

This ensures that standards are adhered to and your internal pool of project managers is expanded.

Looking for some practical advice on programme governance​​

Each Troupa implementation includes a consultancy element. As well as configuring the system to match your needs, we can help with process reviews and user training.

This guarantees that you get maximum value from your adoption of Troupa.​


Troupa provides a rich toolkit to support a project manager’s daily activities, making it easy to capture all key project information.

Troupa will instantly consolidate this information at all levels of the easy to navigate project hierarchy, giving you a real-time view of activity across the board.

With this rich set of data you can easily communicate status to your stakeholders, providing a sound basis for their decision making.

Risks and Issues

Manage risk and issues at a headline level or track the details of one or many mitigating actions.


Monitor budgets and spend in multiple currencies and over multiple years, reconciling FX estimates against your general ledger.


Track incoming and outgoing dependencies on other projects in your programme or on external activities.


Document decisions made and to be made. Record who, what, when.


Record general project actions and track them alongside actions from risks, issues and meetings.


Capture key decisions and actions. Easily identify actions brought forward from the previous meeting.


Illustrate your project schedule in a simple gantt form and as a summary timeline. Choose your own colour scheme.

Resource Management

Define your resource needs at the project level. Review the demand across the programme. Set personal and departmental warning thresholds

Change Requests

Quickly enter the details of each CR. Record the approval workflow and record evidence of approval.

Status Reporting

Generate a comprehensive project status report in minutes. Instantly produce programme level highlights. Present professional, company branded reports to your stakeholders.

Why Troupa?

User friendly and easy to learn

Flexible reporting​

Cloud or on-premise installation​

Friendly support and personal account management​

Comprehensive implementation support​

Pricing plans to suit all organisations​



Troupa is very easy to use but we want to make sure you get maximum value from the system. We provide short courses covering general system use, system configuration and security administration.


If you feel that you need to strengthen your portfolio governance procedures and / or your project framework then we can help you with that too. Your troupa installation can then be configured to directly support your new processes.

Customised reporting

Troupa comes with some vanilla reports but we can also develop completely customised and branded reports. If you wish to use your own tools then we can help you find your way around the troupa database.


Troupa is usable straight out-of-the-box but it is also highly configurable. We can advise you on how to set things up exactly as you need them. Examples include the set of phases your projects will run through and even the colour scheme of your gantt chart!

Quick start

If time is at a premium (and it always feels that way) then we can deliver an all-in-one service to get you up and running on Troupa as soon as possible. This can cover tasks such as system configuration and the uploading of existing data - risk logs for example.

Technical support

Your subscription includes maintenance and support. We regularly issue updates and our support hot line is available to help you with any technical questions. You can call us or use the on-line portal to raise a support ticket.

"We use Troupa for managing and prioritising all of our projects, and to give our project committee clear visibility of status at all times."

Programme Manager, Retail Bank

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