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Q. Is troupa available in the cloud?

A. Yes. You have the choice of signing up to the cloud based service or having troupa installed on your own servers.

Q. Can you fulfill our reporting requirements?

A. Troupa comes with some example reports built-in. We also provide a bespoke report development service to fulfill any special needs, including matching your internal branding guidelines. If you install troupa on your own servers you can also use standard reporting tools to build your own reports.

Q. Do you have any plans to release new features?

A. Yes, development never stops! We are always adding new features and our customers help us priortise what comes next.

Q. How much does troupa cost?

A. Troupa is available on a subscription basis so no big upfront costs. We have various subscription levels including a starter pack which included installation and training.

Q. Can you help us migrate project data from our current system or spreadsheets?

A. Yes, we can use special tools to help you import data from your current system.

Q. Can you customize troupa if we have specific or unusual requirements?

A. Yes. Our design aim is to keep things as simple and flexible as possible, and we can provide specific functionality to you without compromising these principles.

"a powerful tool for improving the monitoring and control of your project portfolio"

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